Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tree care in Chelmsford

Caring for your trees in Essex

Tree reduction and pruning are essential for ensuring good health conditions of the tree. Through regular pruning you may ensure the well-being of your tree, particularly in Chelmsford, Essex climate.  

Tree pruning

Effective pruning and trimming of a tree includes removal of around 20% to 30% area of the tree’s height, to strengthen its structure. Tree pruning and trimming causes the removal of extra branches and foliage, which might burden the tree’s crown, allowing more light and air to pass through the tree. It also adds to trees resistance to withstand strong winds. 

Tree reduction

Tree reduction relieves the tree crown of extra weight by the thinning of branches and trimming of foliage. Tree pruning and tree reduction are an effective method of limiting uncontrolled growth of trees, in random directions, and in case a tree becomes too big in size, tree pruning and reduction may be employed to refine its shape and optimise its size, maintaining its natural look.  

Effective tree pruning and tree reduction refines the shape of the tree, ensuring to maintain its natural appearance, taking care to cause minimum possible damage to the tree during these processes. This article contains some tree care advice, to guide you in ensuring better health of your trees. 

Crown Lifting

One of the methods involved in tree pruning and reduction, is that of crown lifting. It includes the removal of lower branches from the tree’s crown, to make the crown appear at a greater height. Crown lifting also contributes to allow more light passage through the tree. 

Where crown lifting is the methodical removal of lower branches of the tree, crown thinning involves the trimming off of inner, smaller branches from a tree’s crown. This also works to allow more light to pass through the tree and strengthens the tree to show more resistance to wind.

But perhaps, the most essential element of tree crowning is dead wooding. Dead wooding leads to the removal of dead tree branches and foliage from a tree’s crown. These dead branches die their natural death and loosely hang from a tree, until they are completely dropped to the ground. Dead wooding is the deliberate cutting off of such branches, and needs to be taken care of, especially in public and pedestrian area. It ensures the prevention of any hazardous incident, in case a loose branch falls on its own accord and leads to an injury.

In order to ensure better health of your tree, you may even seek professional help of qualified and experienced tree surgeons in Chelmsford, Essex, to be better able to take care of your tree. This would allow better tree care, making it less susceptible to damage. 

In case of a storm in Essex, or strong winds, your tree would more likely experience undue breakage of branches and foliage. This can be dangerous in the same manner as dead branches on a tree’s crown. You might take measures to restore the damage, removing broken branches and eliminating any chances of an accident. 

Effective tree care, in Essex’s climate, would ensure that your trees in Chelmsford survive longer, in good and healthy conditions.

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